Bob, Mike, Eddie & Billy



This album is dedicated to my jazz piano teacher, Ted Alexander (1917-2011).

I studied privately with Ted from 1975-81while pursuing a degree in music composition at the University of Colorado. In 2005, I returned to study with him during the last years of his life. Ted gave me new ways of thinking about music. He believed in me. And he entrusted me with his legacy of writings, compositions, and unpublished books.

In 2009, Dazzle (Denver’s premier jazz club) honored Ted with a concert featuring Eddie Gomez on bass. Eddie met Ted while he was touring with Bill Evans in the 1960s and the three became friends. At the Dazzle concert, I was honored to be invited to sit in with Eddie, and afterward I asked him if we could record together. Eight years later, I applied for a Pathways to Jazz grant to record in NYC with Eddie and drummer Billy Drummond. That grant was the genesis of this project. We recorded eight tunes together in September 2018.

Since 1988, I have made regular pilgrimages to hear Mike Stern play at the 55 Bar in New York. These visits greatly influenced my playing. I love how he ends tunes with a long vamp and distorted guitar. I think it gave me permission to bring my blues and rock influences into my jazz performances. In preparing to record, one of my pieces was begging for guitar. I thought of Mike and asked him, and he ended up recording four tunes with us. What a thrill!

The anchors of my working group are Kim Stone on bass and Dean Oldencott on drums. At the September recording session in NYC, Mike mentioned he would have time mid-tour in December to record in Boulder, where Kim and Dean joined us for six tunes. One became the title tune for this album. The rest of those tracks will be on the next album.




Bob Schlesinger