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Falling from Earth is a dream project for jazz composer and keyboardist Bob Schlesinger. And it all started as a jazz trio project, which on the surface doesn't seem that elusive a goal. 

But as high as it was on his priority list, a trio album never happened. What eventually came to fruition was more. So much more.

"I tried at least five times over ten years to do a serious trio recording, "Schlesinger says. "A couple of times, I moved my Baldwin concert grand to someone's studio and let them use it so I could get free recording time. I made live recordings in a piano store. But for one reason or another, things just never came together."

The first big step was in 2009. Schlesinger met the incomparable bassist Eddie Gomez when they performed at a concert honoring Bob's teacher, Ted Alexander. At that concert, Schlesinger and Gomez discussed recording together. Fast forward ten years when Pathways To Jazz, an organization dedicated to helping fund jazz recording projects, awarded Schlesinger a grant to record a trio with Gomez.

While preparing to record, Schlesinger decided to add a guitar to the mix. He had met guitar legend Mike Stern numerous times in New York and invited him to join the trio. In September 2018, with session giant Billy Drummond on drums, the tape began rolling at New York's Sear Sound. Later that year, Stern came to Boulder to record additional tracks with Bob. The album Falling From Earth joins the tracks from these two sessions.

Bob's Story

Bob's musical journey began in Topeka, Kansas. From an early age, classical music was ever-present in his home, and early lessons from his mother turned into formal study of classical piano at age eight. His musical explorations took flight in high school in Denver, where he fell under the spell of rock 'n' roll. He began experimenting with electric keyboards, exploring improvisation, and playing covers with a band.

At the University of Colorado, Schlesinger's horizons broadened from exposure to the eclectic tastes of fellow music students and the mentorship of jazz luminary Ted Alexander. A major in composition and Alexander's tutelage launched Bob's journey through the intersection of improvisation and composition.

After college, Schlesinger embarked on a long and diverse career of live gigs, from jazz festivals to R&B clubs, honing his craft as a band leader and sideman. Composing for theater and film sharpened his pencil.

The culmination of all these experiences set the stage for his new tour de force recording, Falling from Earth. Schlesinger has crafted a unique and innovative recording while collaborating with Mike and Eddie and a creative partnership with Producer and Mixer John March. From soul-stirring ballads to blistering improvisations and evocative compositions, the result is a testament to his unrelenting pursuit of excellence, boundless creativity, and unwavering dedication to the art form.

Schlesinger beckons listeners into a realm where musical boundaries blur, and creativity knows no bounds. "I am excited to see what the future holds for me and look forward to new and more creative collaborations and opportunities. I want to explore what is possible and then go past that!"

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